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In terms of general precautions, it is always helpful to control the waste and chemical effluent during the cleaning process. For this we would recommend the use of TieTites or Hooktites so the wastage can be drained away and disposed of down the drain.

Cleaning Covers

  • Air Conditioning Cleaning Cover for high wall units
  • Protects walls, carpets and surrounding equipment whilst cleaning

S010119GB TieTite size 1 (930 mm) x 5
S010120GB TieTite size 2 (1100 mm) x 5
S010423GB TieTite Size 1 POS Pack of 10
S010424GB TieTite 1 Pack of 50 & Bucket
S010425GB TieTite Size 2 POS Pack of 10
S010426GB TieTite 2 Pack of 50 & Bucket

TieTite® Cleaning Covers are designed to be used as an aid to cleaning wall mounted evaporators. They will help reduce splashing of the cleaning product onto furnishings and wall coverings and provide some level of protection to the user.

  • Size 1. Suitable for units up to 930mm wide
  • Size 2. Suitable for units 1100mm wide

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