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An easy-to-use range of the most compact and concentrated
HVAC/R cleaning chemicals on the market

Designed for the Engineer

  • Lightweight & easy to carry
  • Easy to mix on site
  • Amazing cleaning power
  • Small & compact – store more in the van!

Designed for the Wholesaler

  • Next day shipping (Can be legally shipped by courier)
  • Reduction in CO2 footprint, due to easier shipping
  • Comes in ready to use display box
  • Takes up less warehouse space

There is an average energy saving of 70% when shipping the amount of Gel needed to make 80L of final product as opposed to shipping the equivalent amount of SuperClean concentrate product. In terms of space saving, this represents a volume saving of 61% and an 84% plastic weight saving.

How do they work?


AdvancedGel ECD – Evaporator cleaner and disinfectant

AdvancedGel ECD is an evaporator cleaner and disinfectant which has been formulated to address concerns over indoor air quality. Its highly effective cleaning action improves the efficiency of your system, while its disinfectant ensures total hygiene. The improved formulation now includes a high-strength disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs. This gives extra reassurance that the unit is safe and clean.

AdvancedGel ECD product page

AdvancedGel CC – Condenser cleaner

As air is pulled through a condenser coil, small amounts of dirt deposit on the fins. Left untreated, a layer of dirt builds up over time – acting as an insulating blanket and restricting air flow. This prevents effective heat transfer, so the system has to work harder to dissipate the heat. Energy consumption increases and the life of the system may be shortened. Avoid all these problems by using AdvancedGel CC, with its powerful cleaning and brightening action.

AdvancedGel CC product page

AdvancedGel UC – Universal cleaner

AdvancedGel UC is an effective detergent-based cleaner for air conditioning coils. Its mild formulation makes it perfect for use in almost any maintenance scenario, either indoors or outdoors. AdvancedGel UC is an environmentally friendly coil cleaner – it contains no acids, no phosphates, no harmful solvents, no Sodium Hydroxide and no Potassium Hydroxide. What’s more, its surfactants are almost totally biodegradable.

AdvancedGel UC product page

AdvancedGel DU – Drain unblocker

Condensate run-off from the coil will drain away slowly. If the coil is very dirty, some of this dirt will be carried into the condensate tray. Sludge and slime building up in the standing water in the tray will eventually run into the drain – causing blockages. Overflow from the tray may damage decoration and furnishings. AdvancedGel DU is designed for systems where a condensate pump is fitted.

AdvancedGel DU product page

AdvancedGel IMC – Ice machine cleaner

AdvancedGel IMC will effectively remove limescale and slime – which are common problems in ice machines – and will clean all surfaces. Limescale is formed by the insoluble calcium carbonate coating the ice-making elements. Newly formed ice sticks to the scale and this jams the machine. Slime then builds up, allowing contamination of the ice products. Slime can also give the ice a bad taste or odour.

AdvancedGel IMC product page