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Listed below are our top Frequently Asked Questions:

Briefly, a UV fluorescent dye is added to the oil in the refrigeration system, the oil and dye circulate with the refrigerant. When there is a leak refrigerant, oil and dye will escape. A trace of oil and dye will be left at the leak site. This is picked up with a UV/Blue inspection lamp. For a more in depth description of how Spectroline works please see Detecting Refrigerant Leaks, Cambridge 1998.
Exact quantities of dye are not critical. Optimum results are best achieved by diluting the dye quantity with the volume of oil within the system. The final concentration should be one part dye to 350-500 parts (c.0.2%) lubricant. Each kit comes with full instructions.
RefrigerantCapsule SizeOil Quantity
Up to 1.3kg of refrigerantGS-101up to 0.4 litres of compressor oil
1.4 to 2.2kg of refrigerantGS-10.5 to 1.5 litres of compressor oil
2.3 to 4.5kg of refrigerantGS-21.6 to 3.0 litres of compressor oil
4.6 to 11.3kg of refrigerantGS-33.1 to 7.6 litres of compressor oil

It is always advisable to calculate the volume of dye needed based on the oil charge.

RefrigerantInjector SizeOil Quantity
One cartridge treats up to 70 kg of refrigerant 1 graduation treats approximately 2.1 kg of refrigerantBEZ-200/EOne cartridge treats up to 23 litres of lubricant. 1 graduation treats 720 ml of oil
One cartridge treats up to 180 kg of refrigerant. 1 graduation treats approximately 5.6 kg of refrigerantBEZ-400/EOne cartridge treats up to 61 litres of lubricant. 1 graduation treats 1.9 litres of oil
Use the oil charge for this volumeMist Infuser 450 ml (16 oz)Above 242 litres of oil

It is always advisable to calculate the volume of dye needed based on the oil charge
Ounces of AR-GLO required = litres of oil in the system x 0.066
One graduation of a BEZ-400/E cartridge treats up to 1.9 litres of oil. A whole cartridge treats upto 61 litres of oil (180 kg of refrigerant or 150 tons of cooling).

One graduation of a BEZ-200/E cartridge treats up to 720 ml of oil. A whole cartridge treats 23 litres of oil

One graduation of an EZJect cartridge treats up to 450 ml of oil. A whole cartridge treats 7.6 litres of oil (11.4 kg of refrigerant.)
Standard additive has been tested and approved to -40°C. Alkyl Benzene (LT) additive has been approved to -73&°C
This question is more complex that it may appear. Please contact one of our specialists for specific application guidelines.
Yes. The polyolester additive is UNIVERSAL. It can be used with any oil type.
A specialist dye is available for oil-less systems
Once dosed the dye will remain working in the system until the oil is changed
Lubricant specific and solvent free, patented AR-GLO additives have been installed in over 50 million air conditioning and refrigeration systems world-wide and are approved by major compressor and equipment
manufacturers, including Carrier, Copeland, Bristol, Bitzer and Frascold.

The reason for these approvals is that Spectroline additives are a solution of colorant (which is a super stable ultra violet fluorescent molecule) and a high quality refrigeration oil that is the same as the system lubricant. (It may be mineral, ester, PAG or Alkyl Benzene).

Once the additive is in the system the final concentration is one part colorant to 350 – 500 parts lubricant or 0.2%. This is far less than the 1:32, 3% ratio recommended by other additive suppliers.

The stability of the molecule, plus its exceedingly low concentration in the host lubricant, ensures that there will be no ill effects to the lubricant’s chemical or physical properties or the systems components. This is the reason for the approvals – no other additive supplier has the approval of any compressor manufacturer.

The Spectroline system will find leaks as small as 3g per year.
For smaller systems (Splits and Fridges):-

The ‘Optimax Jr Complete Starter Kit’ offers excellent value for money, providing you with everything that you need to get started.

For larger systems (Chillers etc):-

If you are working on large systems then look no further than the ‘Optimax Pro Complete Starter Kit’. This features the Optimax Pro lamp which is not only much more powerful than it sibling, but is also rechargeable. In addition to the Optimax Pro Lamp, the kit also features the Big EZ injector kit which contains more dye making it ideal for dosing larger systems.

The human eye is most sensitive to UV fluorescence at a wavelength of 550nm. Spectronics additive is designed to fluoresce the brightest at 550nm making even pin hole leaks easier to detect. It is important to use a Spectronics high intensity UV or UV/Blue lamp to provide the optimal wavelength of light. Spectronics produce the most powerful leak detection lamps available making it possible to spot leaks from as far as 3 – 6 meters away.
Currently the biggest selling lamp is the Optimax Pro Kit cordless UV/blue lamp. Recognized as the most powerful portable lamp available. The intensity is comparable to standard 100w lamps.
Yes. All relevent Advanced Engineering Coil Cleaners (the disinfectants) are tested to British and European Standards. View certificates.