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Promax Minimax


Compact refrigerant recovery machine

  • Minimum size – Maximum performance; ideal for commercial and light industrial service
  • Recovers all commonly used refrigerants (inc. R410a)
  • Unique oil-less compressor capable of handling liquid
  • Ergonomic design for easier handling

Product Codes
110v – S070018
240v – S070025

Small, compact and fitted with a tough moulded case, the Minimax is corrosion proof and resistant to rough handling.

The Minimax features the proven Promax oil-less compressor, capable of recovering all commonly used CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants including R410a as either liquid or vapour. It is compatible with all refrigerant oils.

The self-purge feature allows the machine to be purged of all refrigerant, moisture and contaminants – leaving the machine clean for the next job.

Ultimate vacuumHigh pressure cut outCompressorDimensionsWeight of unitVoltageRefrigerants
29 inHg550 psi / 38 bar1/2 HP, direct drive, 1725 rpmH=343mm, W=229mm, L=483mm12kg240V 50-60Hz or 110V 50-60HzR11, R12, R13B1, R123, R134a, R141b, R22, R401B, R402A, R407A, R408A, R409A, R410A, R500, R502, R503, R507 and others

Why do professionals use Promax?

There are several key reasons why engineers the world over choose Promax. First off, they enjoy an unrivalled reputation for performance.
Their rapid liquid recovery rate means technicians can remove large amounts of refrigerant in a short time.

The Promax platform boasts a number of major advantages over its rivals. All models feature a compact, sturdy design and are designed to
be amazingly light for such a powerful machine – making them very easy to use and transport.

All Promax recovery machines can recover both liquid and vapour – thanks to its famous reciprocating, oil-less compressor.

In fact, Promax’s claim to fame and success is almost entirely due to its revolutionary and proprietary compressor. Oil-less recovery has many
performance advantages over competitive systems, and the Promax compressor is known world-wide as the pinnacle of the principle in action.

They can pre-cool and sub-cool, which reduces pressure in the refrigerant cylinder and speeds up the recovery process. Promax units
can self-evacuate, which is essential to ensure that the unit is clean and free from refrigerant after each job. This avoids all risk of cross contamination – a major flaw in lower-quality recovery units.

Another important bonus is that the UK distributor for Promax machines, Advanced Engineering, offers comprehensive service back-up and a full range of spares.