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Promax CLK-1 Refrigerant Cleaning & Recycling Kit

  • High performance filter/drier removes moisture and contaminants.
  • Ideal for R22 applications where new refrigerant is no longer available.
  • Lightweight and fully portable.
  • Can be used with any recovery machine or refrigerant system.

Product Code – S070172

Specifically designed to clean and recycle refrigerant on-site and in the field.

Designed to clean and recycle refrigerant on-site with a high performance filter/drier which removes dirt, moisture and oil and contaiminants. The filter/drier is easily replaced and allows the use of different size filters depending on the application.

High capacity proprietary oil separator removes 95%+ of oil entrained in refrigerant vapor and allows collection and measurement of removed oil. A moisture indicating sightglass monitors refrigerant flow and indicates when a drier replacement is needed. Also equipped with 1/4 turn shut off valve to control flow and isolate cleaning kit when not in use.

Can be used with all CFC/HCFC or HFC refrigerants, including high pressure compounds such as R410A