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Ticking all the right boxes

New reporting system eliminates F-Gas reporting burden

As engineers struggle to satisfy the increasingly complex legislation surrounding Air Conditioning maintenance, Advanced Engineering has responded with a surprisingly simple solution.

18 months after their introduction, many companies are still not sure how to handle the new regulations on F gas refrigerants, which require detailed, formal record keeping.

Fulfilling this requirement can prove a headache; especially for smaller firms and independent contractors, who may have no established method of recording their work, or be unsure about what information to include.

With this need in mind, ACR market leader Advanced Engineering has introduced the AC-Pro™ range of reporting sheets.

Forming an efficient record management system, the reporting sheets provide engineers with a concise, efficient way to keep accurate records and give peace of mind to customers; particularly those worried about their legal F-Gas duties.

Available in five varieties, AC-Pro report pads cover the wide spectrum of jobs which must now be recorded by law. Whether it’s a service, breakdown, installation or commission, a purpose-built form is at hand to keep client equipment log books up-to-date – including the right details to exceed current regulations.

Eliminating the need for costly bespoke stationery or software, the record sheets present clients with a professional image – at a fraction of the cost – and simply need to be kept on file to complete the paper trail the law requires.

Meanwhile, because the two-part reports are carbonated, the system also simplifies invoicing and enhances customer service, encouraging faster payments from customers.

Advanced sales director Vern Klein says: “We are always striving to solve the real-life issues engineers face in the field. Although it’s a simple idea, many firms will find AC-Pro sheets invaluable as a ready-made answer to their new record keeping duties.”

“Now, fulfilling the legislation really is as simple as ticking the boxes!”