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Safe Recovery

Why EnvironCom is so ‘pro’ Promax

These days, recycling is both a duty and a necessity. In response to new laws, as well as growing public concern, the business of recycling has seen an exponential expansion. In just a few years it has developed from a minority interest to a major industry.

The people at EnvironCom Ltd describe themselves as the ‘new kids on the block’ in that industry. They have a large recycling centre just north of Peterborough and have invested in the latest state-of-the-art recycling technology. Their aim is to provide customers with a one-stop shop dealing with all of the recycling problems that fall under the EC Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). They are approved by the Environment Agency and are subject to careful monitoring of their procedures.

One of EnvironCom’s main tasks is to minimise the environmental dangers caused by old air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Leaking refrigerant, particularly CFCs, is a prime cause of ozone depletion, which allows increased UV radiation to reach the Earth’s surface. Its effects include heightening the incidence of skin cancer and cataracts, and weakening immune systems. It also endangers the environment by threatening vital crop yields and other plant and animal life.

A quick and powerful refrigerant recovery machine is essential to making old AC&R equipment safe and it is no surprise that EnvironCom has chosen one from Promax.

“There are several key reasons why we chose the Promax RG5410A,” says EnvironCom’s Engineering Manager, Ian Orr. “For a start, it has an unrivalled reputation for performance. Its rapid liquid recovery rate means we can remove large amounts of refrigerant in a short time. It also has a nice compact design and is amazingly light for such a powerful machine – making it very easy for our engineers to use.”

The Promax RG5410A boasts a number of major advantages over its rivals. It can recover both liquid and vapour – thanks to its famous semi-hermetic, oil-less compressor. It can pre-cool and sub-cool, which reduces pressure in the refrigerant cylinder and speeds up the recovery process. It can self-evacuate, which is essential to ensure that the unit is clean and free from refrigerant after each job. This avoids all risk of cross-contamination – a major flaw in lower-quality recovery units. Another important bonus is that the UK distributor for Promax machines, Advanced Engineering, offers comprehensive service back-up and a full range of spares.

“We use the Promax particularly on bigger jobs, such as de-gassing large supermarket fridges,” says Ian. “Once the Promax has done its work, we treat the CFCs on-site using a process which involves a catalytic converter and heat exchanger to render the CFCs harmless, with by-products of only water and salt. To my knowledge, ours is the only UK recycling company that treats the CFCs itself.”

Vern Klein of Advanced Engineering says: “We are delighted, though not surprised, that a cutting-edge recycling company such as EnvironCom should choose the Promax RG5410A. We are pleased to have supported its vital environmental work by supplying this versatile, highly effective machine.”