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Protect Compressors from Burnout QWIKLY

Detect and remove all acids with one simple system

Acids within AC&R systems are seriously bad news. Not only do they contribute to compressor burnout, but they are extremely difficult to remove. As a result, there is the added threat of failure in a replacement compressor.

Fortunately, there is now a way to actually remove all the acid from a system. QwikShot, developed by Mainstream Products and distributed in the UK by Advanced Engineering, differs from most acid treatments in that it doesn’t merely neutralise the acid, but actually liberates it to the filter drier for disposal.

Barry Wilson, Managing Director of Advanced Engineering Limited, explains; “Although, on face value, neutralisation of acid appears a good idea, in practice it’s a valueless exercise. A by-product of the acid neutralisation is potassium-salt and water which, in the majority of cases, can prove as or more corrosive than the acid itself.”

QwikShot has an additional advantage over alternative methods. Not only does it liberate the acid within the oil, but it also removes the acid from oil or acid-contaminated surfaces. These are locations which other methods simply miss, which, if left alone, will allow the acid to build up once again.

Advanced Engineering Limited also distributes QwikShot’s companion product, QwikCheck, a 5 second acid test for all refrigerants and oils in operating systems or recovered refrigerant. Capable of testing to 1ppm, it is ideal for preventative maintenance checks or for verifying effective acid clean-up after compressor change-out. Easily disposable, it is a neat, dry process with a self-contained tester. A simple colour change ensures rapid pass/fail checking.

Barry Wilson said, “These are ground-breaking products which eliminate the shortcomings of alternative methods and can greatly reduce the likelihood of compressor burnout if used as part of a planned preventative maintenance programme.”