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More killing power

New QX-60® fast-kill disinfectant from Advanced Engineering

As anyone involved in maintaining air conditioning and refrigeration systems should know, bacteria, fungi and other microbes growing on evaporator coils are bad news. At the very least they create bad smells. Left uncontrolled they can also cause allergic reactions and transmit diseases through the circulated air. What’s more, the build-up of dirt and microbes reduces system efficiency, leading to larger energy bills and even damage to the system itself and the fabric of the building.

The answer, clearly, is to clean and disinfect the evaporator coil and its condensate tray on a regular and routine basis. To give extra reassurance that AC&R units are safe and clean, Advanced Engineering Ltd has added a new-generation fast-kill disinfectant – QX-60® – to the formulation of its most popular specific treatments for evaporators.

Independent tests have proved QX-60® to be so powerful that it kills 99.9% of all bacteria and fungi, on contact, in 60 seconds or less… massively reducing the conventional contact time.

“The re-formulated products have just been unveiled to a number of service and facilities managers, and the initial response has been overwhelming,” says Advanced’s Sales Director Vern Klein.

“They were particularly impressed by the new disinfectant’s potential for saving time. QX-60® will do in 60 seconds what many other products meeting British and European standards need 10 minutes to do. Cleaners containing QX-60® are also more economical to use, as weaker formulations often have to be repeatedly applied over the 10 minutes so that the cleaned surface remains wet throughout. And if an engineer is too busy to do that, the effectiveness of the disinfection will be much reduced.

“We are proud to be recognised as the market leader in the development, manufacture and supply of coil cleaners, and we are always looking for ways of making products even more effective. Our combined cleaners and disinfectants already easily met British and European standards for bactericides and fungicides but we sensed that in many situations people were looking for even greater confidence.”

Fast-kill QX-60® has been shown to be effective against a long list of micro-organisms that includes such feared names as Legionella, P. aeruginosa, E. coli, E. hirae, S. aureous, A. Niger and C. albicans.

It can be found in the new formulations of CondenCide® (supplied as a concentrate) and RTU™ (ready mixed in a convenient hand sprayer) combined cleaner and disinfectant treatments. CondenCide® is also available as part of the StayClean ™ long-term bacterial control treatment for evaporators and their condensate trays.