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Defusing the refrigerant time bomb

Disposal specialists choose Promax MINIMAX recovery machine Disused refrigeration and air conditioning equipment is something of an environmental time bomb. Left to deteriorate, the chances of toxic, ozone-layer-destroying refrigerants leaking from it increase day by day.

Those tasked with making it safe must act swiftly and effectively. One company at the forefront of these efforts is Northamptonshire-based Environmental Storage Solutions… and its choice of refrigerant recovery machine is the Promax MINIMAX.

The MINIMAX ensures complete evacuation of gases, which are then bottled and passed on for safe disposal or recycling. Extraction is carried out using a very efficient ‘production line’ approach in a dedicated de-gassing area, controlled by staff holding the required Safe Handling of Refrigerant certification.

The self-purge facility of the MINIMAX leaves it totally clean after each extraction – so there is no risk of cross-contamination that would render the recovered gases unsuitable for recycling.

“Time is of the essence, so the rapid recovery speed of the MINIMAX is very important to us,” says Dave Roberts, Director of ESS. “The fact that it offers straight-through recovery of both liquid and vapour is also very welcome. In effect, this means that the machine operates non-stop.

“Its light weight – just 12 kg – and compact dimensions make it easy for our operators to get in anywhere, whether on or off our site. Its rugged construction is another major bonus, given the rough treatment and hostile conditions it experiences in this line of work.

“The Promax semi-hermetic, oil-less compressor has an unrivalled reputation for performance and is easy to service in the field – again saving us time and inconvenience. It’s also comforting to know that there’s a UK-based service and repair centre.”

ESS handles a wide variety of commercial and industrial refrigerators, refrigeration equipment and large air conditioning systems. After de-gassing and stripping down, all recyclable materials are separated for further processing.

To carry out disposal of this equipment, companies have to be approved by the Environment Agency and are subject to careful monitoring of their procedures.

“ESS is always looking to improve even further on its high quality of service,” says Vern Klein of Advanced Engineering, the UK distributor for Promax refrigerant recovery units. “We have been delighted to support its vital work by supplying this well-proven, versatile, highly effective machine.”