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Beware of expensive imitations!

Advanced Engineering leads the fight against Legionella

With increasing public concern over the quality of the air we breathe, highlighted recently by a serious outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease, Advanced Engineering reminds all customers that its latest ranges of disinfectant-based AC&R coil cleaning products, including the new aerosols, meet or exceed all relevant UK and EU bactericide and fungicide standards.

Legionella is just one of the microbes which can breed in air conditioning and refrigeration units when dirt is allowed to accumulate. The result of this is that affected buildings are circulated with unpleasant odours and airborne disease organisms, leading to poor air quality and contributing to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

The bactericide standards (BS/EN 1040, BS/EN 1276) cover P. aeruginosa, E. coli, E. hirae and S. aureous, while the fungicide standards (BS/EN 1275) apply to A. niger and C. albicans, but Advanced Engineering has taken product testing a stage further, as Managing Director Barry Wilson explains:

“Although the British and European standards do not cite Legionella as a test bacterium, we have – for our own peace of mind and our customers’ confidence – used the BS/EN test criteria to confirm the effectiveness of our products against this deadly microbe.”

Advanced Engineering has long been recognised as the leading manufacturer and authority in the coil cleaning field – a position which Barry Wilson is keen to maintain:

“It is a little worrying that customers might be confused by imported products from companies which do not have the benefit of Advanced Engineering’s vast experience in coil cleaner development… and cannot provide the same quality of back-up and advice.

“So far, however, suppliers and customers have given us their clear endorsement – with all of the main wholesalers choosing to stock our products and with sales continuing to rise. Advanced is clearly the name that people can trust for proven expertise, effectiveness and good value when it comes to coil care.”

The company’s latest disinfectant cleaners include convenient pre-mixed treatments that come with clear instructions and are simple to apply.

“Thanks to these products, keeping coils clean and avoiding dangers associated with harmful and obnoxious bacteria is quicker, easier and safer than ever,” says Barry Wilson. “We would urge everyone to take full advantage of the effective treatments on offer from Advanced… and adopt a regular cleaning programme using reliable products.”