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All White Now

A new spray from Advanced Engineering promises to remove unsightly stains on ceiling tiles, allowing engineers to give a professional finish to ACR repair jobs.

All White ceiling tile restorer covers stains caused by condensate or oil leaks from air conditioning systems, so that when the repair is made, the appearance of the discoloured ceiling tile is restored to its former glory.

All-White is an upright spraying aerosol making it a breeze to use, even large areas are covered quickly and easily. From ground-level, the colour difference between the unstained and restored tiles is virtually non-existent.

At a time when money is tight, Advanced Engineering has designed All White with a view to achieving the appearance of new tiles without the cost.

The news will be most welcome for contractors – and the engineers working for them – for whom first impressions can often make the difference between prompt payment and an unhappy customer.

Sales director Vern Klein explains: “The trouble that engineers often have is that their clients equate working well with looking good , and so they could have the most thorough repair in the world and still not be satisfied.

“All White puts the shine back, so that your work can permanently look its best, and your clients can feel totally happy with the job!”