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Ice ‘n’ Clean

Ice machine cleaner

  • Clears heavy limescale and slime deposits
  • Nickel and aluminium safe – suitable for all ice machines
  • Colour indicator ensures product is completely flushed
  • New odourless formula

Product Code
12×1 Litre – S010209GB
4×5 Litre – S010169GB
1×20 Litre – S010342GB

Ice ‘n’ Clean® will effectively remove limescale and slime – which are common problems in ice machines – and will clean all surfaces. Limescale is formed by the insoluble calcium carbonate coating the ice-making elements. Newly formed ice sticks to the scale and this jams the machine. Slime then builds up, allowing contamination of the ice products. Slime can also give the ice a bad taste or odour.

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