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Limescale Remover

  • For cooling towers, pipework, condensers and water heaters
  • Contains inhibitors to protect metal surfaces
  • Colour indicator to ensure continued protection

Product Codes
12×1 Litre – S010208GB
4×5 Litre – S010268GB
1×20 Litre – S010213GB

Hidrox is a descaling treatment for use on closed water systems and cooling towers.

By removing all scale and slime, its advanced formulation effectively clears the entire open water side of a system and so increases the system’s efficiency.

For absolute ease of use, a PH indicator dye shows when the descaling process is complete.

Packing Qty.Shipping WeightApplicationDilutionRinse?
4 x 5 Litres31.24kgInternal-pipework limescale remover33.33-1No
12 x 1 Litres18.75kgInternal-pipework limescale remover33.33-1No

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Hidrox Technical Data Sheet

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