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Refrigeration oil for CO2 compressors

  • Good solubility/miscibility with CFC and HCFC refrigerants, e.g. R22 and R502
  • Best suited for transitional refrigerants, e.g. R401A/B, R402A/B and R22 mixtures
  • Low water content

Product Codes
C 55E – S143111
C 85E – S143211
C 170E – S141122

RENISO C series refrigeration oils are based on special synthetic esters, formulated for use in carbon dioxide (CO2) compressors in all fields of industrial and commercial refrigeration.

RENISO C is a versatile oil that can be used in sub- as well as trans-critical applications and will ensure optimum wear protection even under arduous CO2 operating conditions.

approved by:

Product name ISO Viscosity
Pour point
Flash point
Water content
Colour index
DIN ISO 2049
Sizes available
RENISO C 55 55 -48 286 <30 <30 5
RENISO C85 85 -42 246 <30 <30 10 R744
RENISO C 170 170 -40 286 <30 <30 10

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