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Napthenic mineral refrigeration oils

  • Manufactured using highly refined naphthenic base oils
  • Low moisture levels
  • Very low pour point and floc point
  • Superior thermal and oxidation stability

RENISO RC oils are based on selected naphthenic base stocks with very low pour points. They are suitable for small hermetically-sealed domestic refrigerator units, as well as large industrial units.

RENISO RC is manufactured to a strictly controlled minimum moisture content. This is to prevent the formation of ice crystals in refrigeration systems, which can lead to reduced evaporator efficiency.

Product name ISO Viscosity
Pour point
Flash point
Water content
Colour index
DIN ISO 2049
Sizes available
RENISO RC 32 32 -36 162 <100 1.5 5 R22,
RENISO RC 46 46 -32 170 <100 1.5 20 R134a,
RENISO RC 68 68 -27 183 <100 1.5 5, 20 R717

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