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Alkaline Evaporator Cleaner and Disinfectant

Product Codes
4×5 Litre – S010166GB
1×20 Litre – S010165GB

Bacteria, fungi and other microbes growing on air conditioning coils are a source of bad odours, allergic reactions and can also spread diseases.

CondenCide is a heavy duty coil cleaner that will not only shift the worst evaporator dirt and grime, but contains a powerful disinfectant to kill virtually all bacteria in under sixty seconds. It is the perfect coil cleaner for indoor units – It features a heavy duty formula that will thoroughly clean and disinfect -and the concentrated formula also offers excellent value for money.

CondenCide will thoroughly clean and disinfect aluminium coils and condensate trays in air conditioning systems.

Complies with British & European Standards for disinfectants (BS/EN 1040, BS/EN 1275, BS/EN 1276, BS/EN 1650 and BS/EN 13697)

Packing Qty.Shipping WeightApplicationDilutionRinse?
4 x 5 Litres22kgEvaporator cleaner & disinfectant4-1Yes

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Featuring QX-60 Additive – More Killing Power

With QX-60®, you can be sure of destroying 99.9% of all bacteria and fungi on contact in under 60 seconds.
Advanced Engineering’s research scientists never cease to look for ways of making its range even more effective – often in response to specific situations encountered by engineers in the field. They asked for a faster way to protect systems against today’s superbugs. Advanced delivered QX-60®.

A new kind of disinfectant, QX-60® has been added to a number of Advanced evaporator cleaners. Already exceeding British and European standards for bactericides and fungicides, adding the unique QX-60® formula has further boosted the ‘killing power’ of these cleaners to an unprecedented level – giving fast, fuss-free cleaning and supreme confidence.

The fast-kill action of QX-60® is effective on all of these micro-organisms and more…

  • M.R.S.A
  • Legionella
  • P. aeruginosa
  • E.coli
  • E. hirae
  • S.aureous
  • A.niger
  • C.albicans

For complete confidence in your cleaning solution, check the bottle for the QX-60® badge.