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The world leaders in Ultraviolet Technology since 1955

A small amount of fluorescent dye is added to an air conditioning, refrigeration or industrial fluid system and allowed to circulate. The dye escapes with the system’s refrigerant or fluid and remains at all leak sites. When the system is scanned with a Spectroline® TITAN® UV/Blue™, Blue Max Plus™, or ultraviolet inspection lamp, the dye fluoresces brilliantly to pinpoint the exact source of every leak. Proven to find multiple and intermittent leaks undetectable by any other method. Even leaks smaller than 3g per year!

Easily verify repairs by removing the dye from the leak sites with AntiGlo dye cleaner and then re-inspect. The dye can remain safely in AC&R or fluid systems indefinitely for future leak inspections.

Fluorescent leak detection is the only method that can be used for both accurate diagnostics and as part of a comprehensive preventive maintenance program.

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