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FUCHS was founded in 1931 as a family firm in Mannheim, Germany, importing high quality refinery products. Now the FUCHS Group is a global corporation, with over 4,000 employees, 80 operating companies and 51 production plants, including the UK.

FUCHS is the largest independent supplier of lubricants in the world and the most popular brand of refrigeration oil in Europe.

FUCHS is famous for being the largest independent oil company in the world and being independent has its benefits – For example, because they do not drill for oil directly, FUCHS can cherry pick from the best base oil stocks. This means less commitment to exploration and more time to R&D, resulting in superlative products.

FUCHS are committed to developing superior lubrication products and providing unique customer solutions. This is achieved through a continuing program of product innovation and a constant quest for perfection throughout the entire production process.