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More on our specialist tools

Gauges, Hoses & Manifolds

Gauges are an essential part of any air conditioning engineer’s tool bag. By attaching gauges, the pressure-temperature of refrigeration gas can be determined. This will in turn provide the technician with the information to judge the performance of the system.

These gauges are often attached to and used in conjunction with manifolds; these allow engineers to safely control refrigerant flow in and out of refrigeration lines. It is essential that this equipment is well built, gas-tight and is designed to minimise refrigerant loss.

With this in mind, Robinair has produced a complete range of premium manifold sets, replacement gauges and hoses. Built without compromise, the range will satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding user.

Refrigerant Recovery

A recovery unit is an essential tool, needed to ensure that the engineer stays within the law, protects the environment and conserves refrigerant. It must also allow free movement between recovery applications in the shortest possible time without fear of cross contamination from refrigerants, acids or particulates suspended in the oil.

Refrigerant Weighing

During both charging of refrigerant and during the recovery of refrigerant a weighing platform should be used. During the recovery process refrigerant is put into a refrigerant cylinder. The danger is that these cylinders can quickly be filled past their “safe fill” level”, which is generally considered to be 80% at 21°C. Anything over this does not allow sufficient room for expansion should the temperature rise.

During the charging process a specified amount of refrigerant is removed from the cylinder and added to a system. A weighing platform is used to weigh in the refrigerant and ensure that the system is correctly charged.

Vacuum Pumps

A vacuum pump that is fast and thorough saves you not only time, but the expense of call-backs and dissatisfied customers. Robinair “Cool-Tech” pumps perform better that other pumps in the industry, assuring you complete dehydration before recharging.

Robinair Cooltech vacuum pumps include:

  • A Heavy duty motor
  • Offset rotary valves
  • Isolation-valve
  • Cast aluminium housing