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Leak Detection


All refrigeration systems should be checked for leaks for a number of reasons:

  • Concern over the environment
  • Cost of replacing lost refrigerant
  • Legislation to phase out and ban CFC’s
  • A low refrigerant charge will lead to a reduction in system performance – could be costly.

It is now a legal requirement that a system with over 3kg of refrigerant should be checked for leaks on an annual basis. (Article 17) This means making leak detection part of an on going maintenance programme.

TIF Handheld electronic leak detectors, Spectroline UV Fluorescent Leak Detection and simple RTU Bubble Up solution are all options for detecting refrigerant leaks.

TIF Handheld electronic leak detectors can detect combustible gases.


The Spectroline UV Fluorescent Leak detection system is also ideal for detecting all fluid leaks