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Moisture and solid contaminants are persistent problems in ACR maintenance. If a system has not been properly evacuated, if it leaks, or if the water-absorbing polyolester (POE) oils have been inadvertently exposed to the air, water molecules will have accumulated in your pipes. Similarly, if a system has not been properly installed or serviced, brazing flux, dust, swarf, or insulation powder could all be trapped inside and circulated with the refrigerant.

All these elements can, in the short term, restrict the flow of refrigerants and make systems less efficient. In the longer term, however, their presence is a much more serious problem – causing acid build up, component corrosion, freeze-ups, and system shut-downs.

It is therefore highly beneficial to have an effective filter-dryer installed in all ACR systems. The unit, consisting of a filter and moisture-absorbing core catches passing detritus moisture, and acid, rendering them harmless.