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Breakthrough in food refrigeration safety

breakthrough in food refrigeration
Advanced Engineering launches world’s first coil cleaner registered for food preparation and storage areas.

Refrigeration engineers on sites where food is handled no longer need to choose between closing production and risking food hygiene, after Advanced Engineering unveiled the world’s first range of ACR cleaning products for use in food handling areas.

Officially launched, Advanced’s new “Safe” range finally answers a longstanding challenge confronting any engineer servicing cooling equipment in supermarkets, professional kitchens or food processing sites.

Unlike other ACR chemicals, CoolSafe cleaners can be used safely on food handling premises, without closing down production, because they are registered with the international NSF non-food compounds programme.

Advanced Engineering sales director Vern Klein explains: “Until now, refrigeration engineers working near food have really been in an impossible position.

Either they fail to clean the system, which is unhygienic, inefficient and leads to costly breakdowns; they periodically close down production and remove all the food, which is prohibitively expensive; or they carry on regardless, and risk potentially toxic chemicals getting into the food chain.

CoolSafe products work really well, and bring all the advantages of a clean, well-maintained system, without the need to close down or risk contamination.”

Specially formulated for food refrigeration systems, CoolSafe coil cleaner uses naturally occurring food-grade acids to remove all common contaminants left by foodstuffs and other organic materials on cooling coils, with minimum risk to the engineer and environment.

Although designed for use in food-preparation and storage areas, such as display cabinets, walk-in refrigerators and freezers, its unique formula is powerful enough to be used in food-sensitive air conditioning applications.

CoolSafe is available as a RTU (ready-to-use) spray, as well as high value concentrate.

Its sister product, DrainSafe, is a powerful drain unblocker, designed to clear slime and biofilms that commonly cause blockages in condensate lines draining chilled storage and dairy cabinets, spreading bacteria.

Both are NSF registered, and, when used correctly, are suitable for use in and around food processing areas.

Vern Klein concludes: “Like any chemical, DrainSafe products need to be used sensibly, but the feedback we’re getting so far is that this solves a real headache faced by many engineers everyday.