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Advanced Engineering improves Britain’s favourite coil cleaners

Life for Britain’s ACR engineers will soon become a little easier, after Advanced Engineering further improved the formulas of its market-leading range of coil cleaners.

By far the UK’s most popular range of coil cleaning products, Advanced’s EnviroCoil, CondenCide and SuperClean have all been upgraded, after laboratory tests and field trials proved successful.

The new formulas, which are being incorporated into concentrate bottles and ready mixed for immediate use (RTU) sprays at no extra cost, will deliver enhanced cleaning and germ-killing capabilities, at the same time as making each cleaner safer and greener to use.

Crucially, the revised cleaners will now be up to eight times more effective in hard water areas; a change that will be instantly noticeable to many users in England and Wales.

Advanced Engineering sales director Vern Klein says: “Engineers consistently tell us how much they love their Advanced coil cleaners, so we wouldn’t change a winning formula unless we were absolutely confident about the benefits.

“In this case, we’ve achieved real improvements in three key areas – performance, sustainability and safety – without sacrificing the qualities that have made our cleaners so popular in the first place.

“We think it’s safe to say: the best just got better!”

In particular, Advanced’s latest improvements offer:

Superior cleaning Especially in hard water areas, where an innovative pre-softening action will make the solution noticeably foamier, and up to eight times more effective at lifting dirt from the coil.

More killing power Disinfectant products are now even more effective, and meet new, industry-leading standards for removing the fungi and mould that cause problem odours.

Safer and greener The new formulas are naturally safer to use, further lowering each cleaner’s hazard level – plus all surfactants are now 100% biodegradable, with many organic ingredients from sustainable sources.
Vern Klein continues: “Whether the engineer is concerned with the environment, would like the speed and simplicity of using a safer product, or just wants something that cleans well, these formulas deliver.

“We’re including them automatically at no extra cost, so all engineers need to do is keep using their usual Advanced coil cleaner, and simply enjoy the benefits!”

Advanced coil cleaners are available from air conditioning and refrigeration wholesalers nationwide.