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British Refrigeration Association

Advanced Engineering is a proud member of the British Refrigeration Association.

The British Refrigeration Association (B.R.A.) is the only trade association representing manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, distributors, contractors, specifiers and end-users of refrigeration plant, equipment and components.
It also includes producers of refrigerants and lubricants, colleges and training establishments. It works closely with government, public bodies and other organisations, both in the UK and overseas, to further the interests of the refrigeration industry. BRA was originally formed in 1940 under the name “Commercial Electric Refrigeration Association”. It has worked continuously since 1940, as C.E.R.A., B.R.A., B.R.A.C.A and now again B.R.A. to promote the interests of the Refrigeration Industry.

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Carbon Footprint Ltd

With a view to the wider environment, Advanced Engineering has made a commitment to reduce it’s carbon output per £ of turnover. With this in mind, Carbon Footprint Ltd independently measures our carbon emissions. For the last 4 years, Advanced Engineering have reduced our carbon output per £ of turnover, year on year. This was achieved through efficiency measures such as producing our own electricity through the installation of solar panels on our roof and the sorting and recycling of waste.

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Hampshire Chamber of Commerce

Advanced Engineering is a proud member of the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, which represents businesses of all sizes and sectors from across the County of Hampshire and beyond.

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The national SkillFRIDGE competition allows students studying up to Level 3 RACHP to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a pressurised environment. We are proud to be official equipment suppliers and supporters