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AdvancedGel IMC

Ice Machine Cleaner

  • Clears heavy limescale and slime deposits
  • Nickel and aluminium safe – suitable for all ice machines
  • Colour indicator ensures product is completely flushed

Product Code
5×490ml – S010460GB

AdvancedGel IMC will effectively remove limescale and slime – which are common problems in ice machines – and will clean all surfaces. Limescale is formed by the insoluble calcium carbonate coating the ice-making elements. Newly formed ice sticks to the scale and this jams the machine. Slime then builds up, allowing contamination of the ice products. Slime can also give the ice a bad taste or odour.

How to ship Gels

Advanced Gels are classed as ‘Limited quantities’ (LQ) and can legally ship with any courier.

The majority of our other concentrate products are classed as ‘hazardous’ and would require a full ADR driver.


For all liquids, hazardous or not, labelling is required when shipping, on outer boxes, including:-
Contact details, weights and this way up arrows.

With ‘Limited Quantities’, if the wholesaler breaks down our outer box, they will need to transfer the ‘LQ’ diamond and the other information found on our packaging, to the new outer.

Advanced Gel carton label