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Acid-Detector for POE

  • Designed for use in the field to detect acid in air conditioning and refrigeration oils.
  • Quickly detects the smallest trace of acids found in Polyol-Ester (POE) air conditioning and refrigeration oils.

Product Codes
POE – S110012
Min/Alk – S110013

Acid Detector™ for POE is a test kit designed for use in the field to detect acid in Polyolester (POE) air conditioning and refrigeration oils.It quickly detects unacceptable amounts of acid in Polyolester type refrigeration oils without having to wait for a laboratory analysis.


  1. Collect small amount of oil to be tested into a clean container.
  2. Draw 2 cc of oil into syringe.
  3. Open the glass bottle containing the blue solution.
  4. Add oil from syringe into the bottle of blue solution.
  5. Cap the glass bottle and shake 15 times.
  6. Check color of the solution in bottle. If blue in color, oil is good. If green in color, oil is
    marginally acidic. If yellow in color, oil has a high acidic level and system should be cleaned and
    treated with Acid-Away® for POE.

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