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AC-Pro 2.0 F-Gas System Label

F-Gas system labels

  • Combines all the information you need on one handy label
  • Record the total system refrigerant charge
  • Keep a refrigerant leak check record
  • Water & weather resistant

Product Code
5×30 labels – S080270GB

The F-Gas regulations require that all stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment commissioned after the 31st of March 2008 be labelled with the type of refrigerant used and the total system charge.

There is also a requirement for systems with over 3kg of refrigerant to be leak checked annually.

The AC-Pro F-Gas System Labels are a simple way to help you and your clients comply with these specific aspects of the F-Gas Regulations.

The pack contains everything that you need, including:-

  • 30 x System Charge and Refrigerant Leak Check Record adhesive labels
  • 1 x Marker Pen

Packing Qty.Shipping WeightApplication
5 x 30 Labels0.8kgF-Gas system labels

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